Yes, now is the moment.  
Code. Charge. Unplug.
Yes, we are here for a good time.  
Making sure you have a good time too.

Our principles

01Take the lead

We take an active role at every level.

  • We use our expertise to accelerate through adoption
  • We use our expertise to lead with confidence
  • We use our expertise to lead upwards and sideways with responsibility
  • With an empty, open, and adaptable mind, we give our full attention to the here and now.

02We care

We care about people, the planet and the company. We strive to maximize our positive impact on all three of them.

  • We collaborate in a respectful and recognizing way
  • We go the extra mile and create iconic experiences
  • We consider the impact we have on society and the planet
  • We want to slow down the climate crisis

03Exposure to the elements

We keep our heads up in order to take in the world around us, leaving our comfort zone.

  • We observe, evaluate and adapt to our environment and the changing world around us
  • We seek out feedback from team mates as well as external stakeholders
  • We are aware that the climate crisis is real


We stay curious and have the courage to try new things in order to grow ourselves and our company.

  • We always start with "why?"
  • We question assumptions, also our own
  • We choose take on non easy tasks and go with full confidence
  • We invent the future with our technology
  • We fail and learn fast and scale up quickly
  • Life is a game and we love to live

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Facts & figures

  • 30Employees

  • 15Cities

  • 15kVehicles

  • 1000tCO2 saving 2024

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